“Ew. I don’t want to hold her hand.”

No.  I’m not talking about an awful date.  I’m talking about something I heard on the regular as a kid.
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[The below is a twitter stream of thought I had the other day.  And it probably reads like that. But it was such a revelation for myself that I felt the need to get it to something a bit more permanent.]  Continue reading

“Why Is This Happening Again?”

The anxiety is crippling.  Like I’m being choked.  Disappointment is palpable. And it’s all I can do to not fall into a rabbit hole of my own making.  Of my sadness.  Even now, just the thought takes over my body.

It. Is. Exhausting.

Where did he go?  Where did I go?

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One Year

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It Still Exists

“My feelings for elected officials are a lot like my feelings in suitors. Frustrated, disappointed, unrealistic, but often excited & hopeful.” – Me. One time. On Twitter.

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Dear Boston

I came to Boston as an 18yr old who thought she knew everything.

Like most college bound students.  But on that September day in 1998, as my parents drove away in their Subaru,  I stood in my dorm room on Hemenway Street and I had never felt more scared.  Because I didn’t know everything. And who would teach me now?

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On Being Alone

Last night as I stood on my pretty great wood floors in my pretty great Cambridge apartment that I share with a pretty great woman, I started to prepare myself dinner. And then I thought about what a privilege that was.  To have the time.  To have the means.  To not have to consult with anyone about whether or not they wanted mushroom black bean quesadillas.  To not have to make enough for two.  Or three.  Or four. Or to make enough for two (or three or four) and then get to eat it all myself.  And that I could eat it while laying on the couch while watching Breaking Bad (yes I still haven’t finished Season 5) wearing leggings, some weird Jim Beam socks, and a tank top.

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