Something I should have done 3 years ago

When I moved to London everyone said I should keep a blog of my adventures. I was far too lazy to do that at the time. But now that it’s 2009 and a new year and one full of new adventures…I thought I’d finally start one. So as 2009 starts with mice in my apartment and angry protestors outside of it in the street…I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. I am expecting big things for 2009. I am also hoping to finally hit some of the spots in London that I have yet to see. Already over the holidays I have finally gone to the British Museum…finally! And hope to soon make it to the British Library. This week I’ll be going ice skating in Somerset House and also continuing my play-hopping that I’ve done so much of here. Oh and I saw the British Ballet perform The Nutcracker last week. So far, 2009 is going well:) Well I’ll keep this short or I will never write again.

For now- enjoy the pic of my new hair do!

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