Daytrip to Bath

Well it was a very chilly day but definitely worth having to bundle up. Bath is just a beautiful city. So picturesque. It’s about a 1.5 hour train ride Southwest from London. I went with London Walks. About 10 of us. When we got there we did a 1.5 walk along the Avon River and into town. We went and saw the markets and sampled a Bath bun. They are sweet buns with raisins and big chunks of sugar on top. Then we went around the city and looked at lots of historical sites- like the theater, and the old baths. The Romans saw the city as mystical because of the hot spring. And in the 18th century Bath was THE place to come and vacation for anyone who was anyone. However, it eventually became a place where the sick came to be healed in the magical waters.

We also went up to the Royal Crescent which is a crescent circle that looks upon the city. Beautiful homes. They try to make everything of the Bath stone. It’s rather pourous but really pretty. We ended the day at the Roman baths. Really amazing to imagine people bathing in them just over 300 years ago.

A very nice day out and I’m happy I finally made the trip. You can find more pictures here.

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