Snow Day!!!

Well today marked the most snowfall in London since 1991! Wow- and they were definitely not prepared. It’s 1:30pm and I have still to see a plow. All the airports have closed. Most tube lines are not running. And the buses are totally suspended. My journey in the morning to work usually takes about 30 minutes. Today is was closer to 1 hour 30 min. I tried getting a cab for about twenty minutes. When none would stop or were already full with a lucky passenger I gave up and walked up to Notting Hill Gate tube- about 20 minutes. There I waited for around 30 minutes for a tube (with about 100 others). Somehow managed to squeeze myself on for the ride to work. Then a 10 minute walk from Chancery Lane and finally to work! Phew. But left around noon after realizing that pretty much everyone else was heading back home because it was STILL SNOWING!!! I do have to say though that it’s really pretty because there are no plows so it’s all natural looking still! See more pictures here.

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