Proud To Be American

Last night I had another one of those fantastic moments, ones that have happened much more since a certain person left office in DC, that really reminded me of what an amazing country I have been blessed to be born in. I was at a reggae concert to celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday (he would have been 64 this weekend) with my parent’s friends visiting from Norway (a completely different experience in itself!) in North London in Camden at a great place called Jazz Cafe. There was this great female reggae artist that came on second ( and I don’t know a ton about reggae but I would imagine there are not very many female artists) and she gave a huge shout out to there being a black president. It was pretty incredible. I mean here I am in some club in London and I realize London is not some podunk town but still to have people here just so impacted by Obama and what he stands for- well it just gave me goosebumps and remind me once again what an incredible world this is, how people, when they come together can provide hope and change. And again- it really makes me excited to be coming home to be part of that hope and change. And it also reminded me how great it is to get out to see live music that isn’t produced by ticketmaster. 25 pounds and we saw about 7 performers. It was really great. I’d love to go back before I leave. And the 27 bus goes to there and back to my home:)


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