I blame the two colds I got…

For not writing in over a month! I think I spent most of February drinking orange juice and blowing my nose! But hopefully all the sickness is behind me. To be honest, February did not bring a ton of interesting things. I’ve been running a lot I guess. I needed something to take the focus off of my impending move back to the States so I figured I needed a different project. I signed up for a half-marathon in Hastings (yeah I have no clue where that even is, maybe I should look on wikipedia).

I just finished my last 9-10 mile run today. Next Sunday is the big race. I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’s very funny that when I came to London I absolutely hated running and now I’m thinking about even running a marathon! I think it’s because although the weather in London is not always the best, it actually makes for really comfortable running weather. That and the parks are just amazing. I’ve created a route that takes me by Buckingham Palace all the time too. Not too shabby! Although the tourists are a bit crazy. But I think that what is important is that one day I will look back and remember running by the Palace, probably not the tourists!

Beyond the running – well just working and starting to get my stuff in order for my move. Oh I did see my first opera- Carmen- performed in the Round at Prince Albert Hall. It was a pretty stunning production. However I don’t think that operas are my thing. Very happy to have tried it out though!

Ok – once again- I promise to update this a bit more:)


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