Hastings Half Marathon 15 March 2009

Well I did it….I completed a half-marathon. And in less than 2 and a half hours!! 2 hours. 22 minutes. 5 seconds. to be exact:)

It was a really amazing experience. It was a gorgeous day…perfect for running. Hastings is also a beautiful town. Right on the coast. So gorgeous. The route was pretty hilly with the first five miles be uphill for the most part. Ouch! But at least you got some downs with the ups and that helped to get energy up. I was pretty good for the first five miles actually. Around mile 7 I started losing it a bit but then as a surprise around a corner all these kids were handing out orange slices. They may have been the best orange slices I had ever had!!! So I was feeling fairly good again. Then around mile 9 it flattened out and you were back into the main part of town along the water. At mile 10 I really started to struggle. Luckily, though, my friend Nora was waiting for me at that point in the race with a big smile and cheer. I was so thankful for that. So I struggled on. But the last two miles were really really pretty awful. I have no idea how my legs kept moving. Thank goodness for the supportive runners around me, including the older man who cheered for me to keep going and that we were almost there. And we were. The finish line was just up ahead and I did it!!! Wow what an amazing feeling that was. 13 miles. Just wow.

So I’m pretty proud of myself and wondering about what kind of challenge is next. 26 miles? I’m just not sure yet. So we’ll see……

But if anyone in London is looking for a good half marathon I definitely recommend this one. The crowds were great. There were supporters out along the entire race pretty much. Hills were definitely tough but I think worth it for the landscape.

And I have just done my first 4 mile run after a week off. Tough to get back out there but very happy I did. I think I’m definitely becoming a little addicted to running:) Guess there are worse things!!!


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