Celebrating my 29th with Jenn!

Jenn came to visit last weekend and what a great way to celebrate my last birthday in London. We had an absolute blast. Friday night we went to my favorite posh fish and chip spot in London, Geales. Saturday we woke up and got our nails done and then it was off (despite the rain, hail, sunshine) to Borough Market where we got some great sandwiches and checked out all the fresh produce. We ended the day with a bit of shopping which is obviously a must in London!

Saturday night began the celebration of my 29th:) We had dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants Osteria Basilico. I give Al all the credit for turning me on to this place. We had a wonderful meal which concluded with a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday by the waitstaff. I felt like a movie star:)

We then headed off to the Prince Bonaparte for a few glasses of bubbly before going to Cherry Jam for some dancing. Overall it was just a perfect evening and I could not have asked for a better way to spend my last birthday in London.

Sunday Jenn and I got some much needed sleep and pretty much spent the day watching Entourage. ha. Sunday night we had a very British meal at Bumpkin. Such a great birthday!

Monday was Jenn’s last day here so we did a walking tour of Mayfair with London Walks. It was a beautiful day and a perfect way to end the nice long weekend. More pictures here.

And now I just begin the countdown left of work and London. Crazy!!!

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