Hampstead Heath- little bit of heaven above London

Today I also had the wonderful opportunity to visit Hampstead and Hampstead Heath on this gorgeous sunny day in London.  The Heath is London’s largest parkland covering 790 acres and sits atop a ridge at one of the highest points in London.  

The Heath is dated back as far as 986.  Over time, plots of land in the manor were sold off for building, particularly in the early 19th century, though the Heath remained mainly common land.  The main part of the Heath was acquired for the people by the Metropolitan Board of Works with Parliament Hill added in 1888 after it was purchased for the public for 300,000 pounds, Golders Hill in 1898 and Kenwood House with its grounds in 1928.  Kenwood House was the house in the background in the scene in the film Notting Hill when Hugh Grant’s character goes to see Julia Roberts’ character while she is filming.  

The Heath has been managed by the City of London Corporation since 1989.  
From the Heath you have great sites of the City of London- including the Gherkin, St Paul’s, and Canary Wharf.  
Pictures of this walk, along with more details on what I saw, here.  


2 responses to “Hampstead Heath- little bit of heaven above London

  1. I’m interested in your Hampstead Heath photo of the curved path for the cover of a book that I’m self-publishing. Please contact me.

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