British Library

What an incredible place!  I wasn’t so impressed by the outside (a bit too blocky for me) but the inside was really so impressive.  There is currently a Henry VIII exhibit going on but I think I’ve had enough Tudor history over the past few years!  Instead I wandered up to the upper ground floor where there was an amazing small exhibit on children’s poetry called “Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat!”  It celebrated children’s poetry from the 17th century to the present day.  The exhibit drew on work from key poets and was accompanied by items from the Library’s collections.  It was really cool!

I then ventured to the Sir John Ritblat Gallery where they have some amazing and just priceless documents and masterpieces.  Besides lots of religious artifacts, I also saw written notes from the Beatles for several songs, original Shakespeare, Jane Austin and Virginia Wo0lf’s notes, Silvia Plath’s journal, along with lots more.  Really a great spot to visit.  
There was also an exhibit on public speaking with interactive areas to listen to all sorts of recordings as well as a center for conservation where you can see how the Library keeps its printed books in good condition.  
For more on the British Library see here.  I definitely recommend, especially as it’s all completely free!  (except for the exhibits like Henry VIII)

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