Day at the Sea- Brighton

Well when I woke up this morning the sun was actually shining so I figured I should take advantage and take the train to Brighton.  What a good idea that was!  It actually ended up raining the day away in London but it was just blue sky and sunshine in Brighton.  Nice!!

It is about a 50 minute train ride away from London and the city is great for walking around.  Once I arrived I wandered down to the coast.  Just gorgeous.  I strolled towards the Brighton Pier  (Mom- you should check out this website as you can hear the sounds of the ocean!) where all the amusement park rides are and treated myself to a little fish and chips while gazing out at the ocean.  I then walked down to the Brighton Marina- about a 20 minute walk.   It was just perfect.  I took the Volk’s Electric Railway back to the Pier.  It has been in operation since 1883, making it one of the oldest continuously running trains in the world.  Really neat.  
After my little train ride I walked to the end of the Pier to check out all the rides and the arcade.  Really very cool.  Made me very excited for the Fonsh vacation to York this summer!!!
I ended my lovely day with a few photos of the Royal Pavilion in the center of town before wandering by some cute shops in the Lanes District on my way back to the train station.
A perfect seaside day!
Pictures of my day trip here.  

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