Well first I almost biked over a turtle…

and then today I almost drove into some sort of bird crossing the street!  I must be home in Leverett:)

Just a short update as I begin my summer vacation in Leverett, MA at my childhood home!  I’ve been back from London about two weeks and it has been really great.  I have been really trying to take advantage of being in the countryside and the wonderful weather.  Everyday I’ve either gone for a run or a bike ride.  My high school bike is now my main mode of transportation so it’s been nice to get back on it.  Even did a ride into Amherst for a delicious burrito from my favorite, Bueno y Sano.  Yum yum yum!!
I’m also subbing at the Leverett Elementary School through the end of the school year.  So far I’ve only done an afternoon but I’ve got a few more days coming up.  I really give so much credit to teachers.  Just the creativity and energy alone that it takes to keep children entertained all day, let alone the whole year, is just incredible.  So I am in continued awe of the teachers in my life.  For now I’m happy to just be a substitute one…even that makes me nervous!  ha ha.  
Finally- I’m volunteering at the Leverett Library.  It was built anew a few years ago and is a fantastic space.  And just from one day there I can completely see what a focus point it has become for the community and a space that residents of all shapes and sizes really seem to enjoy, use, and gravitate to.  I’m really looking forward to spending more time there this summer as I try to gain a bit more perspective into this new schooling of mine:)
Well I think that’s all for now.  I’m just feeling very relaxed and extremely lucky and blessed to have the next three months to spend with my family and to re-charge before school.  
Also pretty excited about my new apartment in coolidge corner.  Pictures to follow soon. 
Until the next post….keep journeying!   

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