Home Sweet Home

Well the last week has been a mix of emotions. I think the honeymoon ended:) It’s not that I’m sad to be back in the States. I’m not. I’m still very excited about school and this summer of freedom and being home with my friends and family. I think that I just hit a bit of a rut and was missing my London life a bit. I have been afraid of pushing myself back into people’s lives here in Massachusetts but in the meantime I think my friends here were trying to give me space! So I’ve been reaching out more and trying to really get back in touch with everyone. Which has been great. I also spent a wonderful weekend in NYC this last weekend. I got to catch up with my college friends, go to a great wedding shower, and see one of my very closest friends. It was great. A bit tiring and a lot of traveling, but all worth it. It made coming back to Leverett a bit tougher I think. I feel a bit out of touch in Leverett. But I knew I was being a baby about that so I took a great walk this afternoon to see the amazing nature all around where my parents live. Pretty crazy! I took a walk up the mountain to the right of our house and I saw a deer in the very close distance! I then walked down to the Leverett Pond and watched a rabbit bounding around the edge of the water for a bit. Not something you get to see in cities!

So even though this is all a definite adjustment, and at times it can feel like big spurts up and then a big fall downward, it is all just another step in this journey. And what a journey it is:)

For pictures of my little afternoon wander…see here.


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