Showers, weddings, and hen dos…oh my!

Well the last month has been one filled with two wedding showers and a bachelorette party. And they have all been just wonderful. My beautiful friends Kristen and Kerri are getting married in September and July, respectively. I’m so very happy for them both. Kristen had a great wedding shower in Jericho, NY and Kerri’s was in Miller Place, NY and just beautiful as well. My first two trips ever to Long Island! It was also so very fantastic to catch up with all of my college girlfriends. It was just like old times. So I’m thankful for these girls for getting married this summer so that I have such great excuses to see everyone!

This past weekend was Kerri’s bachelorette party in Newport, RI. And the sun even decided to come which was pretty awesome. Such a great weekend. Again- it was just so nice to see everyone, to catch up, and to just act silly:) So I’m very thankful to be back for all of these life events. It’s really very special and I feel so blessed.

I also got to visit my sister and her kindergartners last week. What a treat!! They are the sweetest children and they treated me like a celebrity. It was such a great day. We got to read lots of stories and do arts and crafts and it was so much fun. I give my sister so much credit for what an amazing teacher she is- I was exhausted after just one day with them!

But now it’s back to Leverett and library volunteering this week. Looking forward to it. And tonight is a showing of Food, Inc. at the Amherst Cinema. Check out the site for the movie, it looks very interesting.

That’s all for now- Happy Summer!


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