Corn, corn and more corn

One of the things I really missed while living in London was New England summers. I missed bbqs, the beach, fireworks, and especially corn on the cob. I don’t think I’d ever seen corn on the cob in London. They may have it but I never saw it. So I was pretty darn pleased to have my first corn on the cob last week. So good!! Oh and to finally see fireworks on the 4th of July was definitely a highlight of the summer!
However, I have now found it kind of ironic how many references to corn I have recently come across. Food and how we eat seems to be on the forefront of people’s minds, or maybe just my mind recently. I was able to see a screening of the movie Food, Inc. a few weeks back and it really got me thinking about what we put in our bodies and the relationship we all have with food. It’s a great film and I definitely suggest seeing it. It really touches upon all of the aspects of the food industry while calling out what is wrong with how food is produced in this country. I left with a lot of questions as to how I wanted to change how I ate and hoping that I could make some realistic changes to my food intake; ones that I would stick with. A way of life, not just a diet.
While I have definitely been relaxing this summer I’ve also been reading a ton and taking advantage of this free time before I have to start reading for school assignments! As of writing this I’m about to finish my seventeenth book since arriving home from London. If you’re interested in some good book suggestions I’m happy to share the list with you! One of the books I just finished reading was called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. He also wrote a book called The Omnivore’s Dilemma. In In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan, like in Food, Inc., talks about how much of our diet is now made up of corn and corn-based products. It was really fascinating. Next time you go shopping, look at the ingredients of what you buy and you’ll be shocked at how much soybean or corn syrup is in your food. It’s pretty scary! I found his last chapter to be the most interesting as it talks about ways to change and improve what you eat and to actually enjoy it! A lot of emphasis is put on buying locally and ignoring claims that food products make. I think a lot of it people already realize and know and that it is sometimes harder to actually practice but it was still really great to read about the evolution of our diets over the past decades and how we are just becoming a very unhealthy society. If we just put a bit more effort into the quality of our food vs the quantity of our food, I think we’d be surprised at the impact. I definitely think it’s worth a read.
The last corn reference I found was in two non-fiction books I have read that had nothing to do with the food we eat! The first was The Girls From Ames by Jeffery Zaslow. It is a book about a group of women who have been friends for forty years and they grew up in Iowa. It is a pretty neat story of their friendships but again it talked about corn! One of the jobs that many of the women had growing up was working in the cornfields of Iowa! They spoke of how it could be very tough labor but how it bonded them. It’s a really interesting read about relationships, friendships, growing up, and women. As I have recently come back home and have re-connected with many friends from my youth and college, I really appreciate the friendships I have and am so happy that I can be spending more time now with my friends as they enter some pretty fantastic chapters of their lives.
The second book was Dewey about a cat that lived in a library in a small town. It was definitely a very “light” read but it was neat to read about a library and again, this took place in Iowa! And there was much discussion of the cornfields. Pretty funny!
The summer has really just been flying by! I just spent the last week housesitting for our old family friends in Haydenville. Beautiful home in the country, two great dogs, and a sweet cat. It was a relaxing week (well except for when I thought I wasn’t registered for any classes at Simmons!) and it was nice to just kind of be on my own a bit to think and ponder the next step of school. Now I’m off to Rhode Island to be with my grandfather for a few days and then it’s off to Long Island for Kerri and Mike’s wedding! So very happy for them and really looking forward to not only the wedding, but the great times to be had with friends.
Until next time….don’t eat too much corn;)

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