Thank you Leverett Library!!

I promise that maybe when I start classes I’ll be a bit better about blogging. Especially as I’ve read so many articles recently about the importance of blogging for career opportunities but how you really need to update it regularly. So maybe….:)

But the focus of today’s blog is about my unexpected “internship” at the Leverett Library. My mother, being the great social networker that she is, had met the librarian in Leverett at a conference in Boston. She told Linda (the librarian) all about my career change and plans of getting my MLIS at Simmons. Linda told my mom that they survived off of volunteers at the Leverett Library so if I had spare time this summer they could most definitely use me. I was excited about this prospect as I realized that without a car to call my own this summer I would be fairly limited in what I could do to fill my lazy summer days. Thankfully, the LL (Leverett Library) is reachable by bicycle! So the last week in May I made my way to the library to offer my services. We quickly came up with a 3 day/week schedule of 4 hours a day. At first I was a bit nervous that I would absolutely hate volunteering and then question my decision to leave the world of banking where I had made a very nice living for the last six years. Thankfully, my fears were not realized. I absolutely LOVED volunteering and being in the library. LL is a really amazing space that was created about 6 years ago and the town is so very lucky to have a space like it. Especially in a town that has very limited internet access.
I was quickly put to work setting up displays, creating posters, and learning how to catalogue and process new books. And I loved each and every task. For once I felt like I was actually doing something that contributed to the common good. I know, I know, it’s not like I was creating world peace or feeding the hungry, but I still felt a lot better about my future career than I did when I was lending stock. It was also wonderful to realize that I had not made a foolish decision in leaving London and my job!
I also just really enjoyed helping customers in a very different way than I had in banking. And I realized that I really may like being a librarian in a small town or even helping small and/or rural towns sent up new libraries. Lots to think about over the next two years in my program.
This past wednesday, on my second to last day, Linda and Sue and the volunteers gave me a little party to thank me for my time in the library and to give me some gifts. I was so touched. Here were people who, mostly, volunteered their time all year round and they were presenting me with gifts. It was just so great. And it meant so much to me.
It was a great way to spend a lot of my summer and I think it really set me on a great path for this next chapter of my life.
And the library also provided me with some great trashy novels to bring to Maine tomorrow for the week-long family vacation to York Beach:)
Till next time…Read…Renew….Return.


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