Back in Boston

Well after 3.5 years away I have finally found my way back to Beantown. It is definitely very odd to be back. Probably because it is under entirely different circumstances that I return and to entirely different digs. I’m in Brookline now about to start my Masters program in Library and Information Science at Simmons. Wowzers. I’m also living with roommates for the first time in 5 years and that has been an adjustment. However, I have been very lucky to get two fantastic roommates who are super nice and chill and seem to always be at work!

I definitely had a bit of a breakdown when I moved back last week as everything that was before me and the loss of the summer all kind of hit me at once. It really was very nice to be at home in Leverett for the summer and I think I had gotten used to be taken care of:) But I’ve finally finished unpacking and everything has a place, even if I can never find it again! And I’ve started getting some things done to prepare for school and I’ve taken lots of deep breaths. I know that I moved to another country all on my own but this whole move seems a bit more daunting. Maybe because I feel as though there is more riding on it. Or maybe because it has been so long in the making. Luckily I have amazing support from friends and family that have definitely gotten me through the valleys and I’m sure will get me through many more.
I feel really blessed to be making this career change in my life and I know that once classes start I will feel even more right about it. Hopefully:)
Well off to get my brand new going back to school desk. Let’s see how long before I’m throwing a hammer at the wall trying to put it together!
Here’s to a wonderful Summer 2009 and an even better Fall.

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