The kindness of librarians…

So a few months back my ever resourceful mother was at a conference in Boston and managed to find her way into one for librarians and did all this networking for me! One connection led to my volunteer work at the Leverett Library all summer and the other connection led me to my visit today to the Watertown Free Public Library to meet the Assistant Director, Beverly Shank.

It was such a wonderful visit. We chatted about the future of libraries, public libraries in small vs large towns, and library school. She gave me a tour of this fantastic library that is just three years young. It made me get even more excited about school and the possible career ahead of me. I would absolutely LOVE to work in a space like that within a community that really values the library and what it does for a community. They do a ton of childrens, teens, and adult programs including story hours, book clubs, and literacy work. They have a great childrens room and a wonderful teen room that also allows them to do Tween programming. They also have a cafe where they serve treats and sell used books to benefit the library. I’m very jealous of my friends Jim and Sue who just moved to the area.
So as school approaches and the butterflies in my stomach increase, I again am reminded of why I am making this change and the positive effects that libraries and librarians have on communities. I cannot wait to be a part of all of that.
Well off to enjoy the last few days of freedom….

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