Today is the Day!!

I FINALLY start graduate school. It has been a long time coming it feels like…especially since about a year ago was when Lehman Brothers collapsed and I decided for good that I would be leaving banking. Wow. A lot happens in a year. I’m so happy to be back in Mass though. I still miss my friends dearly in London but being back home has been great. And today starts a whole new adventure! My first class is Information Organization. I think I know one person in the class from Advising Day so that will be nice. Otherwise, it is all new to me!! Not at all like when I started getting my MBA. But hopefully I’ll have a different perspective to bring to the class and what we learn. I’m definitely nervous but also really excited to be starting on this journey.

I have a class called Technology for Information Professionals and the teacher is encouraging us to have a blog and he has set one up for us that we can upload things to like our resume, etc so I may use that going forward. Once I have the address for it though I will let you all know. And hopefully I will update it a bit more frequently regarding how school is going and everything.
Happy Fall!!

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