A little overwhelming…

Well school has been interesting to say the least. It is definitely much more of an information overload than I think I thought it might be. This is not to say that I’m not enjoying it but there is just a ton of new information and at times it is all a bit daunting. Much of it surrounds HTML and other coding specifications that I just do not know. But I’m slowly, slowly learning and trying to get the most from my classes. I think what is difficult is that there is a varied degree of knowledge in my classes as many are either just beginning the program, in the middle, or almost done. This is good for the kind of participation it brings but at times I think it can feel like everyone in the world is understanding things except for me. I just feel as though there is always something I could be doing and learning and yet I am finding it hard to stay motivated so far. I guess I just wonder if I’ll ever get it.

I suppose I have to remind myself that this is the purpose of school, especially a graduate program. To become a master in the field, not to already be one! I have to also remind myself that I’m only just entering the third week and it’s bound to get better. I just feel that as soon as I feel like I have mastered something, there is more that I haven’t. So many abbreviations and codes! It makes me miss the simpler times of this summer and the Leverett Library! But I suppose if grad school wasn’t a challenge then everyone would do it!
That’s all for now I suppose. I shall continue to use this blog for my more personal feelings on things while using my blog and web site for school, for purely that; school and professional development.
Sorry if this is a bit sulky…just how I’m feeling these days. I’m sure things will brighten soon.
Till then…

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