Finding my way!

So I am now in the fifth week of classes and I think I’m finally finding my way a bit! Last week was a really great week in terms of school as I finally met some other people in my program that are career changers just like me. So that was really nice. And they were around my age. They are also in my IT class and we spent a bit of time in the computer lab trying to figure out what in the world we were doing. And I think we finally did. So that was nice to be able to relate to some people and not just feel like I go to campus, have class, and leave without any interaction.

Then last Thursday I spent about 30 minutes in the GSLIS lab talking about professors and venting and all that stuff that is good for students to get to do with other students! Another way that you stop feeling alone! So that was really nice as well. And things are coming together in my classes. I mean I still feel like there is soooooo much information but at least every now and then I am able to piece some of it together so that is great.

I also found out I got a small scholarship so that really ended the week on a great note. Especially if I get into the program I’ve applied for in Nicaragua over spring break. The scholarship would cover the extra expenses of that class. So fingers crossed!

Spent the weekend in Boston- my first since moving back! Was really nice to catch up with all sorts of friends and even went to the aquarium for the first time! Not the best aquarium in the world but so fun to see the penguins and turtles:)

Well back to my pages and pages and pages of reading for Information of Organization.

Oh and if anyone would care to check out the website I’m currently in process of updating for my IT class you can find it here.

Till another time…


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