Great music and movies, new friends, library chat…

Oh and John Krasinksi:)

It really has been a fantastic weekend. Friday night I went with my friend Shannon to see Chris O’Brien perform at Club Passim. I grew up with Chris and have followed him on Facebook and was so excited to finally get a chance to see him perform. He was amazing. Such a great show. He had been traveling around the West Coast for two months so I think he was pretty happy to be home. Just a wonderful show and I cannot wait to hear his second CD when it comes out in April!
Saturday, 11.07.09, will forever be known as John Krasinski day. At least for me! He was in town to promote his new movie, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, which is based off of David Foster Wallace’s book of the same name. John (as I like to call him) was reading from the book at the Brookline Booksmith at 4pm so I thought I’d head over at around 3 as they were only letting in 200 people. Well thank goodness to Twitter I found out that people were already lining up at 1pm so at 2 I headed over and was able to secure a ticket. And it was so worth waiting for two hours. John was so humble, funny, sincere, and just seemed like an all around good guy. He read from two spots in the book and also signed promotional postcards. I was shaking when I went up for mine. He was just so nice and friendly. See pictures of the event here.
Later that night I got to see him again! Some new friends from school got tickets to see his movie at Kendall Theater and it turned out he would do a Q&A before the screening. Bonus!! Again, he was just so real and sincere. Movie was good too. However, do not expect to see a nice guy in the character he plays in the movie!
Finally, today I went to Harvard Square to hear a professor I will have next semester, Shelley Quezada, speak about her experiences with libraries in Liberia. It was a really interesting discussion about libraries in developing nations and what is being done there to turn the country around after years of civil war. I look forward to taking her class, Literacy and Services to Underserved Populations, in the Spring semester. It will cover a lot of ideas that really relate back to why I left the private sector and will hopefully lead me to start getting a better understanding of what I hope to do with this degree when I’m finished.
After the talk I was lucky enough to have lunch with another Simmons student as well as a MLS graduate from Queens College who works with the group Radical Reference. It was created as a need was discovered for activists who were trying to source different types of information at libraries. It seems like a really great idea and it was so interesting to hear about different types of activism that librarians can be a part of, just by the very nature of our role and profession.
The whole weekend, especially Sunday’s events, really got me a bit more centered again on why I moved back and decided to go down this new path. I love being back in Boston but with a whole new agenda then before. It’s been wonderful to finally meet some great people at my program and to discuss the field and what opportunities for change are possible. And it’s just been wonderful to see more of this great city and to re-connect with old friends here.
I’m also counting down the two months left until I visit my wonderful friends in London:)

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