Maybe I Need to Change the Way I Market Myself

Today in my management class I had an epiphany about how I’ve been marketing myself. I realize that I have obviously made a pretty big career change going from my job at Goldman to going back to school to be a librarian/information professional. However, I think I need to stop stressing to people how huge a change it really is. I think as long as I keep doing that, I will end up doing that in interviews and it will make it appear or emphasize that my previous work experience has not made an impact on my professional life whatsoever and cannot be used in the future, which should not be the case. I do not want to discount everything I’ve done professionally. And I’m starting to think that as long as I super-stress the change I’ve made, the more it seems like what I’ve done before is irrelevant to my new path when this should not be the case. I need to start working on looking at the skills I gained in the last 6-7 years and how these skills can transfer to being an information professional. Then I can stop emphasizing the fact that this is some huge change and I have no professional experience, etc. And if I’m not going to market this change well, then I’ll be really stuck.

So this is a work in progress but check back here in the future for my new marketing plans:)

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