1 semester down…3 more to go!

Well all my projects have been turned in for this semester. So just need to get through two more class lectures tomorrow and I’m done with my first semester of grad school. Phew!

It has really been an up and down journey but I think I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable in school. Or at least starting to get an idea about what I like in the program. I have especially enjoyed my cataloging class and will be working on a cataloging project at the State Library. I think there is something about the focus on details that I really enjoy. So it’s nice to have some hands-on application of what I’ve been learning in class. So hopefully that will continue to go well.
But in the meantime, instead of stressing about what I did and didn’t like about school this semester I’m going to start enjoying the huge benefit of being a grad student without a job-5 weeks of vacation!!! In which I hope to work on my web site, clean the apartment, read lots of books, sign up for Netflix, go to London, and visit Melissa in Denver. So excited!!!!!
I promise to try to remember to blog about my adventures:)
For now…check it out…I’m famous!

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