During the last few months I have written a lot here about the challenges of going back to school. It has really been such a change, as I’ve gone on and on about. But being back in London I have been trying to put things in perspective. I have a lot ahead in the spring semester. A new part-time job (which I’m really excited about), two classes that will both be very time-consuming (for one of them I have already received two emails from the professor about how hard it is going to be! I had dropped my Literacy for Underserved Population class to take Descriptive Cataloging. DC is only offered every 2 years and since I am really enjoying Cataloging it seemed silly to pass at the chance to take this class, especially as it is being taught by one of the masters of Cataloging!), a class in Nicaragua that will still involve lots of research and experience, a position on the American Library Association Student Chapter board as treasurer, and finally I’m hoping to still volunteer at the State Library with the cataloging work as I really enjoy it. Phew. That’s a lot. Oh and I’m also going to have a pen pal at a school in Roxbury! And this week, while I was in London, I started to get really overwhelmed by it all. I even considered dropping one of the classes that was starting to stress me. Then I thought about it all. This fall I was so bored and disconnected from the world at times. So it seems that, although, this spring may be very very busy, at least I will finally feel like I’m making new connections in this crazy library world:) I think it will be good to feel challenged and to be busy again. And obviously my new job and Nicaragua are both going to be amazing experiences.

So how does this all connect to my trip here? Well, I’ve seen a lot of my friends here who have had huge challenges this past year and have taken them on and shine on. One of my very close friends had a baby in this crazy country and has managed to learn not only how to be an amazing mother but how to be one in a foreign country away from family. Rather commendable I dare say! And it’s so amazing to watch her navigate the city, pram, baby and all. Another friend continues to live here, far away from her family, but she is so focused and driven that she has accomplished so much and will accomplish so much more in the coming year, all while staying close to her family and being a wonderful daughter. The two of them inspire me so much and have made me realize that I really can do whatever I put my mind to, especially because I have done so much already. Being in London really has reminded me of how much I accomplished while I was here and the challenges I faced and conquered. It has given me great strength and calm for what is ahead. I hope that sticks! I know I can take on this new chapter of my life, I just have to give it time and patience. As cliche as it is, Rome was not built in a day. Must remind myself that this new chapter will not just unfold right away, it will be in steps and it will be in peaks and valleys. And I need to take advantage of all that it offers me, and should not shy away from the challenges, because in the end I will be so happy I didn’t. Just like when I lived in London. And when I challenged myself not only with work, but with new friendships and travels. Oh the challenges of travel!
Better get some sleep then if I plan on taking on all of these challenges!
Night night from Londontown.

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