Welcome to Denver!

Well just completed the last leg of my crazy winter break travel and it was fantastic!!! Went to visit my friend Melissa in Denver with my other friend Jenn. We had such a good time! Melissa was the best hostess and just showed us the best time. A really great way to end my winter break. I’ll try to give a run down of everything we did.

On Wednesday when we got in, we just walked around the 16th Street Mile area that Melissa lives on. There are lots of shops, restaurants, and bars and we just got to know the area. Melissa lives in this amazing apartment building with gorgeous views of the mountains. Really just stunning.
On Thursday, we left Melissa to her work and Jenn and I checked out some sites. First I dragged Jenn to the Denver Public Library with me. It was built in 1995 and is AMAZING. We mostly checked out the children’s room which was just awesome. All these really neat structures for kids to play in and lots of comfy chairs to sit and read in. The library has seven levels, which include a few exhibits and galleries as well. It was just a great space. It spans a city block and has 47 miles of bookshelves!
Next we checked out the Denver Art Museum. It was also built recently and is a really cool space. We just went to the gift store but the whole museum seems like it would be worth visiting. We ended our morning of culture at the Colorado Historical Society. They are currently relocating and do not have the whole collection available so it was a free visit. It was nice to learn about the history of Denver and to see some art by Colorado natives.
Since we had done so much culture in the morning we figured the afternoon could be spent a little more leisurely so we checked out a local brewery. We went to Great Divide Brewing. We got our own little private tour of how the different beers are made and also got to sample a lot of them. It was the perfect way to end our day!
Friday we were a bit lazier due to a big night out on Thursday night but we still managed to get to Lucile’s! My uncle Mickey is the head chef at Lucile’s and they have four restaurants across Colorado. I have only been to the one in Boulder and that was when I was 5. All I remember is throwing up my breakfast on the front steps! Oops! This time, though, I faired much better. We went to the one in Denver where my uncle was working for the day. It was so great to see him and catch up as it had been about 5 years since I had seen him. The food was also just out of this world. The biscuits were the best biscuits, hands down, that I’ve ever had. So if you find yourself in the area, run, do not walk!!!
That night we had planned on possibly going to a mountain called Wolf Creek that had 30” of fresh snow but as it was 5 hours away and other people had already filled up the condo we decided to stick with our first plan of going to Vail. So on our way we stopped in Boulder to see a band that Melissa really likes called MTHDS. They were a lot of fun. We also saw an artist named Murs who I enjoyed a lot as well. Then it was off to Vail (via our driver Peter! ha).
So Saturday morning we headed to Vail for a day of skiing. It was so much fun!!!! I hadn’t been skiing in years so was a bit nervous but it really came back to me (at least after I feared for my life on the way down the first run!). It wasn’t the best conditions because it was snowing and it made it slightly hard to see but it was still just a great day out. I love skiing and hope to do it again soon this winter!
Saturday night we checked out some bars in Vail Village after a great sushi dinner. It was a perfect ending to our great trip out West. Sunday was a hurried trip back to Denver so we could catch our flight that was actually delayed so we didn’t do a whole lot that day. But it was really such a wonderful trip and I’m so happy I was able to make it out there.
And now back to the real world! Classes and the new job started yesterday so it was right back in. However, they both went so well!!! I’m really excited about this semester, even though I have so much on my plate. I think it’s all going to mean good things….:)

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