Second Semester: Year One

Thought as I finished the second week of my second semester that it was time for a little blog post. And it seemed appropriate to put a picture up that would demonstrate my involvement in all things library this semester. Along with my classes, my part time job in a research library, volunteering at the State Library, I thought it would be good to get more involved in my future profession- so as I said in an earlier blog- I’m the treasurer for the American Library Association Student Chapter. And so far, it’s been very interesting. It’s a great way to get to know more of my students and my possible future colleagues. And I think it’s a great compliment to my other activities. I wasn’t able to go to ALA’s midwinter conference in Boston but I’m already making plans to go to the annual conference in DC this summer and I can’t wait!!!

So back to this semester. It’s amazing how much of a difference I feel during this semester vs last. I feel much more confident about being back in school and changing careers. I think it’s a combination of having one semester under my belt and the practical application that I’m getting at my job and at the State Library. I’m so thankful for all the experience. And I also know a lot more people on campus and it’s crazy how much of a difference that can make. Just to have people to say hello to in the buildings!
I also am really enjoying my classes. I’m taking Reference which is a really great introduction to all the kinds of interesting things you can help your patrons with. There is just so much information out there! And I’ve always enjoyed that kind of work- even while I was at GS. I like finding things for people! The second class I have is Descriptive Cataloging. This one, I knew, was going to be a ton of work but I’m, so far, happy to be taking it because I feel as though I’m learning some really practical lessons that will serve me, even if I decided to not go into cataloging specifically. Finally, the third class I have will be my one that mostly takes place in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. I think I’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had much time to focus on that but I’m starting to just get so excited about the trip and what we’ll be doing there. I have to write an expectations paper, journal entries, and blogs for school for that class/trip so be prepared to hear a lot more about it in the future:)
The last thing I feel like I need to just quickly talk about is my new focus on my abilities to be successful in this career. Last semester I questioned this change a great deal- as evidenced by several blog posts! But now I’m feeling like I really have created a great niche for myself. There is definitely a market out there, especially in research and reference, for someone who has a business background and library experience. I really believe I can market myself when I’m done with my program to find a really great and fulfilling job. And that has just made me feel so positive about the program and what I’m getting out of it.
Well I guess I kind of need to cut this short just because I need to get back to work! ha. And also I’ve realized that these can’t be too long or else I’ll lose the two readers I have;)
Till next time….go check out a book at your local library and tell your congresspeople how important libraries and librarians are!!!

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