Love that dirty water…

It’s been an interesting past couple of days in Boston and the surrounding areas. On Saturday a main water pipe broke and millions of gallons of water was flooding into the Charles. The emergency water was turned on but since its source is places like the Reservoir, there was a tap water ban put into effect. You had to boil all water before consuming it. You were only supposed to take showers or bath in the water and if you washed your hands in it you were supposed to use anti-bacterial gel afterwards.

Pretty simple. And pretty simple when you think that people in developing nations deal with the issue of bad tap water ALL THE TIME. Ever traveled to Mexico? Africa? India? Nicaragua? Yes, having to boil the water was a bit time-consuming and I could see how if you had kids it would probably get really annoying BUT it didn’t seem worthy of the frustration and anger that I saw displayed by the public. People waiting in lines for hours to get bottled water and angry when they didn’t get any yet they could have been home boiling water that would have been perfectly fine to drink as well!! Or the people who were complaining that they couldn’t live without their ice coffee? I hope they were kidding (and I’m assuming most were). But it really got to me after awhile. We are such an entitled society. One little thing drives us to the edge. One little thing that throws off our day-to-day. We can be very inflexible at times. I myself am guilty of that as well.
I was willing to give people a little slack until yesterday. Yesterday when they lifted the ban they told people they should still flush out their pipes for about 15 minutes before consuming water straight from the tap. And people STILL complained. About how long that was going to take. Geesh. Again, I’m a student with more time on my hands but still. How busy is your life that you can’t take 15 minutes to flush your pipes out. So odd!
And then today it turns out THE WATER WAS OK AFTER ALL!!
I had a good chuckle about that!
So in the end it’s been an interesting week. But in terms of that other dirty water, my Red Sox, I finally got to see them play in Fenway after about 2 years. Got free tickets from work. Amazing. And they beat the Angels 5-1. Sweet. And the rain passed us by. Even sweeter. Check out the pictures here.

One response to “Love that dirty water…

  1. Well put – it seems crazy that 3rd world nations deal with this all the time yet people are complaining about a 2 day inconvenience.

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