So senseless…

Over the last weekend 14-year-old Jaewon Martin was gunned down on a basketball court outside Bromley-Heath, a Roxbury public housing development. Jaewon was an honors student at the Timilty Middle School where he was also a part of the pen pal program, Promising Pals. I participated in this program this semester and words cannot even describe the sadness I feel for his family, for his community, for the children in the community, and for the children in this program, like my pen pal. On June 4th there is a breakfast for everyone involved in the program and we’re being told there will now be a memorial service for Jaewon at it as well. That is going to be a very rough day as I cannot even begin to imagine what all of the students are going through right now….
I don’t really have much more to say except that I hope after reading this you’ll take a moment of silence for Jaewon and for all the children that are taken in such a senseless way as this….
WBUR coverage of the funeral here.


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