New houses and diplomas!

This past few days have been ones of celebrating the amazing accomplishments of my friends. First, me and some of my girlfriends headed down to Long Island to visit our friends Kerri and Mike in their new home. It is absolutely gorgeous!! In the short time they have owned it they have really made it their own and it shows. There is a beautiful finished basement (which I think could be on the show Cribs) and then upstairs they have three bedrooms and an office. Wow! Top that all off with a HUGE backyard and you have the makings for a very fun weekend! Oh and a very wonderful home. 🙂

It was also just really nice to see Kerri and to catch up with all of my girlfriends. During the last semester I was kind of in a library school bubble just because of work and school so it was just great to hear what everyone has been up to and to get to hear all the stories. Our friend Kate also just bought a condo with her boyfriend Chris so it was so nice to hear how that is all coming together as well.
Sunday morning my friends were nice enough to drop me off in New Haven for the second of the celebrations- Tim’s MBA graduation from YALE!!! It was so great to see Tim and to start getting ready for the festivities! First we went to Class Day which seems to be mostly for the undergrads but Tim knew I’d want to go considering who the speaker was- BILL CLINTON! Awesome. His speech was crazy. He makes you feel like he’s just talking off the cuff. Amazing. So happy we got to do that. Sunday night was spent at a really nice and relaxed picnic at Lighthouse Point. Then early to bed because Monday was the BIG DAY.
Monday started off cloudy but then the sun came out and it was just a gorgeous day for a graduation. I was so very happy I could be there for Tim and to be the professional photographer. 🙂 We celebrated his diploma with some margaritas and tacos and lots of good old fashion Nikki and Tim catch-up which involves both of us talking a mile a minute.
It was a great couple of days and I’m so very proud of my friends. Houses, masters degrees….great stuff people. Thank you for letting me be a part of it all!!

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