Being a tourist in Boston

So now that I’m feeling a bit more settled back in Boston I’ve realized that I should probably approach the city much like I did in London and should be a bit more of a tourist. I think it’s so important to always be seeing and doing new things, especially when you live in a city and there is SO MUCH to do and experience! I think the last few months I’ve done a good job of this and have really started to appreciate all that Boston and the surrounding areas have to offer. So these next two mini adventures are a continuation of that enjoying and learning.

Wednesday morning I visited the Kirstein Business Branch of the Boston Public Library. I had heard of this branch from a fellow student a few months ago and was curious to check it out. Good thing I looked into where it was located though before going as it is no longer near Park Street but is now instead in the basement of the main branch of the BPL on Boylston Street. The website said that they do tours on the first Wednesday of every month so I figured that was as good a time as any. Well needless to say I was the only person who showed up. So I received a very specialized tours from one of the librarians who seemed happy to be giving a tour to someone who “got” libraries. Although she was pretty down about the state of affairs of the business branch as well as the state of the BPL, she still seemed excited to show me around to show me all of their resources (resources that continue to be drastically cut). They have information regarding all aspects of business but an especially large collection of resources for small business which gets used quite a bit. They also have access to several databases with a wealth of information. I’ll have to check those more out at some point. Realistically I do not know if there will be a job available for me at a business reference desk in a public library one day but it still seems like a role that would fit me. Who know’s…..
Next up was the Museum of Fine Arts on Thursday morning before heading to work. My dad had gone this past weekend and with a ticket you can go again within the next 10 days so I made use of that. I wanted to check out the photography exhibit of Harry Callahan. I do not know a ton about photography but I just love going to see exhibits of it. And this was a small one but still really interesting. He used his wife as a subject quite a bit and the photos were just stunning. Since I had more time I also checked out the big Egypt exhibit going on right now. Very impressive but at this point I was getting a little museum weary! Finally, on my way out I happened to pass through the hall of Toulouse-Lautrec paintings. I was so happy as I love his work and have been lucky enough to see much of it in Paris.
So that was just my few mornings this past week. City life can be pretty great sometimes!

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