Promising Pals

This morning I was able to take part in a really incredible event. Over the last few months I have been a pen pal of a 6th grader at Timilty School in Roxbury. It has been really fun to re-familiarize myself with hand written letters! But it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed the correspondence. My pal and I, along with the rest of her class, also read the book, We Beat the Streets. It was a fun book to read and an incredible story of these three boys who made a pact to become dentists or doctors. I recommend!

This morning all 600 of the pals finally got to meet each other at the annual breakfast. They have been doing this program, Promising Pals, for 24 years. Simmons College is a partner of the program and there were loads of us there, including Helen Drinan the president of the college who also had a pal. Mayor Menino was even there with his pal! Really a great event. At the opening talk they also had a moment of silence for Jaewon Martin who was shot and killed last month while playing basketball. He had been in the program and was also an honors student at the school. I have written about him and the tragedy in a previous post. His grandmother came to the event and was given a standing ovation. I can’t even imagine the pain and hurt his family is going through….
It was then time to meet and greet our pals. It was fun to finally meet my pal after all this time. She showed me all around her school and got to know each other more. She was really adorable. We concluded the morning with a little Spongebob Squarepants puzzle. Very good times! I’m so happy I took part in it and look forward to hopefully hearing from my pal over the summer and taking part in the program again next year.

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