Taking advantage of Summer, 3 days early…

I love taking advantage of free events in Boston. There are definitely a bunch if you just organize yourself and plan it out. So a few weeks ago I put Free Friday Flicks in my calendar, starting with this past Friday and the Grease Sing-a-Long! I passed along the word to a few friends and it was a date!

Luckily Friday was absolutely gorgeous. I headed out to the Hatch Shell where the movie was nice and early. 4pm to be exact. As you can see in the above picture I was the first one there. The movie wasn’t set to start until sundown. But why waste a gorgeous day inside. My friends Kate and Shannon joined me and I was happy to be able to introduce some great people in my life to each other.

As you can see we had quite a bit of food to keep us busy until the show started! About 5 other friends joined us and as the sun went down and the breeze picked up it truly was a perfect evening. And singing along to one of my favorite movies made it even better…the countdown to July 9th and The Wizard of Oz begins!
Saturday morning the weekend of fun festivities continued. I headed home to Leverett for a birthday party for our 97 year old neighbor. She is amazing. And just beyond an inspiration. Her life and travels and knowledge are just incredible. She is current, witty, caring, and has a fire in her that I don’t think I have at 30. And her intelligence is mind boggling. As one of the first woman to graduate from Smith College her life has been one of learning and growing. And being 97 has not stopped her. She takes university courses, mediation workshops, goes to book clubs, and still has time to know all about her friends, their children, and their loved ones. About 3 people came up to me at the party and told me they knew exactly what I was up to because Elaine keeps them posted. ha. Incredible. She truly is a role model for how to live your life at any age. I’m really looking forward to spending time with her daughter when I stay with her for ALA conference in DC this weekend.
Saturday night I headed to the Taste of Amherst with my parents. Yum. Here was the run-down:
Corn and clam fritters
Pad Thai
Crab Cakes
Lobster sliders (awesome!!!)
Jollof rice and plantains
Fried Dough with Strawberries.
Well now I’m starving and have to make dinner! And it’s time to enjoy this lovely sunshine at 7:30pm on the longest day of the year.
Happy Summer!!!

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