Just another crazy weekend in Beantown

This past weekend was one of those where you go “you know what, Boston is pretty darn great!”

Why you ask? Well because there is so much to do if you just grab some great friends, good weather, and a fancy free attitude. (Cheesy enough for you yet?)
Friday started off the weekend with taking in a show at Company One’s re-telling of seven Grimm fairy tales. They were hilarious. I think my favorite was the re-take on Hansel and Gretel but they were all really quite good. And good company as well – my friends Kate and Abby were along for the ride. I think we all get on so well because all three of us are always up for anything and everything. It’s been really great making such good new friends…..I really think that’s a very fortunate thing to be able to do at the age of 30….
Saturday was a pretty lazy day due to the heat and then it was off to Watertown to celebrate the 30th birthday of my dear friend Suzanne. Suzanne and I have been friends since were Orientation Leaders at Northeastern and it makes me so very happy that our friendship is still going strong. It was a really wonderful night out in their yard with lots of good food, drinks, and laughs.
Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to be asked last minute to head to the Red Sox game. Although they played rather poorly and lost to the Rangers, it was still a really great afternoon for a game and once again I felt pretty lucky that after it was over I merely had to walk just under a mile back to my apartment.
The weekend ended on an incredible high note – back at my favorite new spot in Boston, American Craft. I just love this place. The food is great, the beer is even better, and the service is top-notch. Now I’ll admit I’ve been there quite a bit over the last few weeks as it’s kind of been my goal to become a “regular.” Well I think Sunday night it happened because as I sat down the waiter, Larry (well guessed by Kate), waved and asked me how I was doing. I’m in! I also think it helped that we stayed pretty late and let him choose the kind of beer we wanted to try out. ha. But I loved everything he brought. Really starting to know my way around Allagash, Ommegang, Pretty Things, and a few other local breweries. And the last two times I’ve been there I’ve started to get a hang of bourbon. Now that’s much tougher. I think I’d like just small tasters of different ones so I could really figure out the differences. May have to find a whiskey tasting or something like that. Last night’s test was of Bulleit Bourbon and I have to say, it’s starting to grow on me.
However, so much fun this weekend meant that it was back to the grind today. But that’s ok, it was well worth it. And now it’s just 2 weeks till this semester is over, and I actually have to say, while I’m looking forward to the break, I have really really enjoyed these classes this semester. Between these classes and the ALA conference, there is definitely a librarian fire in me now. 🙂
Before I sign off just want to say thank you again to friends old and new that contributed to another wonderful summer Beantown weekend.

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