Food food everywhere

Sometimes I have a hard time even remembering where the idea for this past weekend came from.  I think it was when I realized that a friend from high school had opened up a taco restaurant.  It was a restaurant that was the brick and mortar version of the taco truck that her and her husband had started.  You can check out more on their site.  The truck goes around Hoboken and New Jersey and they usually use Twitter and Facebook to let people know where they are.  So I told my friend Kate about this amazingness and then we figured out that the First Annual Boston Food Truck Festival was the first weekend in August. What if we went to NYC, visited food trucks, and then came back and went to the festival??  Incredible idea?  Yes, yes it was.

We headed down on a 7:30 am Megabus from South Station.  Scheduled to get in at 11:45am but I have yet to ever get to NYC on time.  We got in at 1:30pm.  But the whole idea of this weekend was that we really had no schedule.  We just wanted to eat.

Our first stop was Hoboken for The Taco Truck.  The truck was off the road for private events.  So we hit up the restaurant.  And were not disappointed.  Tacos, tamales, and plantains.  Yum.  Pictures and descriptions of the food and everything else we did and ate can be found here.

We were then off to Brooklyn.  I had never walked over the Brooklyn Bridge so Kate indulged me and my million photo taking stops.  It was awesome.  Very happy I finally did that.

Once in Brooklyn we set out to find the Red Hook Food Truck that my friend D. told me about.  Apparently they set up near a ball field and had amazing Brazilian food.  And we were not too far away.  Turns out we were in Carroll Gardens which I immediately decided I wanted to live in.  We wandered down a great street called Smith St. with loads of great looking restaurants and bars and shops, including another restaurant D. had recommended, Coco Roco, and made a mental note to come back.

Once we got to the fields the truck was not there unfortunately.  But we spoke to a friendly ice cream truck man who gave us free ice cream.  Success!  So at that point we decided to head back to Coco Roco for Peruvian food.  My buddy M. met us there and we had an awesomely wonderful meal.  (again, check out the pics for more details).

Our lovely host for the night who was letting us crash in his living room also came out to meet us and the four of us did a mini pub crawl of Smith St in Carroll Gardens.  We hit up Wing Bar for $7.50 pitchers of Coors Light and then Brooklyn Social where we drank old fashioneds and pretended we were in Mad Men.  Overall just a really wonderful night of good food, drink, people, and conversation.  What more could you ask for?

Saturday morning we were up early and headed back to the Island to see my friend A. for brunch.  We met her at 44 1/2 in Hells Kitchen.  I had an amazing omelet with avocado, mozzarella, asparagus, and tomatoes and Kate had brioche french toast.  We washed it all down with a Bloody Mary that had olives stuffed with blue cheese.  Yum.

It was then off to Blockheads to meet my very best friend for some drinks and some catching up.  6 hours later we realized we had done just that!  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

At that point I think we thought we probably couldn’t eat anymore but somehow managed to make stops at Big Booty Bread Co. and Rickshaw Dumpling Bar. It seemed impossible to consume more but somehow we managed and we made it to our bus, which got us back to Boston at 3am.  Mission accomplished!

But wait, there’s more!  Sunday was the first ever Boston Food Truck Festival .  The link will bring you to the event page with all the yummy offerings.  We sampled the pickles, frozen lemonade, and the amazing Speed Dogs loaded with everything.  That last one took about an hour to get but sooooo worth it.  Hoping to try some of the other trucks in their actual locations around Boston sometime soon.

The wonderful weekend was capped off with a much needed walk around Castle Island.

Pretty much couldn’t have asked for a better weekend or better friends.   Or better food. 🙂


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