Goodbye Summer!

Well as any of my avid readers know, it’s been quite a wonderful summer (sans some stressful school stuff).  I feel like I basically ate and drank my way through the last few months.  Ha.  So I figured I might as well do that for the last weekend of summer!

Friday night, despite the threats of Hurricane Earl, K (my partner in crime this summer) and I headed to the Massachusetts Brewers Guild Summerfest at the World Trade Center concourse.  80+ beers on tap.  And Earl barely even made an appearance.  Very good stuff.  A few pictures.

Saturday was spent, again with K, with a beautiful bike ride throughout some of Boston’s parks.  We went about 1 or 2 miles out of our way but still had a great bike ride on a pretty much weather perfect day.  Was nice to ride my bike for fun versus to get somewhere.  I need to do more of that come Fall.

Sunday my roomie and I headed to Singing Beach in Manchester.  It’s super easy to get there by the Commuter Rail and then it’s just about 1/2 mile from the station.  Not bad for access to a gorgeous North Shore beach.  I also went to this beach a few times myself last week.  Was quite a relaxing and indulgent way to spend these fleeting days of Summer.  More pictures of Singing Beach here.  Pretty crazy to see the difference in the waves before and after Earl.

Monday was another beach day, this time just to South Boston with my girlfriends S and N.  We had a great day of wine and whines.  🙂  Then, Monday night, my best friend T came into town to celebrate the first anniversary of his 30th birthday.  We had a fantastic dinner at Stephi’s in the South End.  Definitely recommend.  Try the blueberry lemonade.  Yum!

Tuesday it was back to school.  😦  This semester I’m taking User Instruction and Collection Development.  Really looking forward to both of them.

But don’t feel too badly for me that I had to head back to school.  My job still doesn’t start until 9/27 so I’m still feeling like life is pretty darn good.  🙂

L’shanah tovah to my Jewish followers.  A Happy New Year to you all!  May 5771 be a healthy and sweet year for you.


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