Wonderful Wedding Weekend

This past weekend I spent in Orleans, MA at the wedding of a friend from college.   J. was one of my very first friends Freshman year.  Her, T., and I spent a ton of time together over that first year and we created a lot of memories as well as a basis for a friendship that would last years.

J. moved to Aspen, CO right before I moved back to the States so we have not been able to see each other in a few years.  So I was so very happy I could be there for her wedding and to share the special day with her.  It was a truly beautiful wedding that really captured the spirit of the couple and how they lead and will lead their lives.

The weekend also made me think a lot about the friendships in my life and how I feel so blessed to still have people in my life who knew me way back when; even if way back when is only 12 years ago.  I feel like some of these folk really understand me and have continued to support me and my choices throughout the years and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

So this post is dedicated to J. and T. : the Kennedy kids.  Thanks for always keeping me in your lives.


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