Facebook Cleanse- First Reactions

For those of you who read my earlier post, I will try, throughout the 30 days, to give you updates on how this cleanse may be having an impact, if any, on my life.  And also to give you some reactions it has garnered from my friends and family.

First thoughts:

1.  So far there has been a great deal of outcry and astonishment from my friends when I tell them what I’ve done.  A lot of, “Leave Facebook????  But how???  Why?????  Why would you do something like that????”  I think the last question is mostly in good fun but I think some are actually more serious.  I then lead them to my blog post.

2.  One friend who I had recently tagged in pictures was distressed that I had un-friended her when she couldn’t see the pictures anymore.  I have also directed her to my blog post but have yet to hear back.

3.  Some people have been very supportive and are really curious to see how it goes.  Many of these people either do not use Facebook or are interested in a cleanse themselves.

4.  It has started some very interesting conversations about the ways in which people use Facebook and how it is has become so ingrained in our lives.

5.  Yesterday I read a lot more without constantly checking Facebook for an update on the Patriots score.  Um, I just turned on the game.

6.  I honestly have to say the only time I’ve really missed it this week was when I was looking for some distraction yesterday when writing a paper.

So far, I’m really pleased with the types of actual discussions I’ve been having with my friends and family about all this.  Which was kind of the purpose.

However, I’ll leave you with one question (which I’m sure I’ve stolen from somewhere).  If you don’t post a status update on Facebook does it mean it didn’t really happen?


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