Yup that’s right.  Culture.  I mean with all my hours of free time from being off Facebook, I gotta find something else to do with my time.  ha.

I saw two fantastic, but very different shows, at the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) in the last few weeks.  First up was Cabaret with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden  Dolls.  I hadn’t seen this musical in years and was happily reminded how many wonderful songs are in it.  However, I had also forgotten how depressing it is as it takes place in Nazi Germany.  But still, tickets were cheap and I love seeing theater.  Followed it up with A.R.T’s production of Alice in Wonderland this past week.  I feel like the best way to describe the kinds of shows that A.R.T does is like contemporary art for theater.  They take classics and give them this crazy modern twist.  Very creative, and always different.

Also was able to go to the Museum of Fine Arts when my parents were in town for my dad’s birthday.  We saw the Avedon Fashion exhibit as well as Boston photographer, Nicholas Nixon, exhibit.  Both were really interesting.  I love photography exhibits so it was right on target!  The day of culture was completed with a fantastic birthday dinner for my dad in the North End on my old street at Lo Conte’s.  More about my most recent food events in a few….


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