Food, Glorious Food

The past two weeks have been intense on the food level.  But no complaints from me!  From local food festivals to trying out Afghani food, it’s been fantastic.  Links to the different events below along with photos where possible.  Enjoy!!

Boston Local Food Festival – Boston’s first!  Perfect day for this.  Sunshine, food, drink, friends.  Perfection.   Pictures

Afghani Food – Ariana Restaurant – reminded me of lots of the food I ate growing up.  So good.  Will definitely be going back in the near future.

Dim Sum – China Pearl – I could eat dim sum every weekend.  And I could pork buns everyday.  Pictures

Monsters of Pork – yup, you read that correctly.  It was crazy.  Another wonderful food event put on by eatboston.  There were passed plates of bacon, pulled pork, and some sort of pate.  Then there were 3 demonstrations.  The full deconstruction of a pig, the making of head cheese, the making of sausage.  I think only the pictures do it justice.  (I also have videos but I have not uploaded them, let me know if you want to see them)
Don’t look at them, though, before or during a meal.  Or if you are a vegetarian.  Or kosher.



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