Day of Races

10.10.10 was a day full of sun, races, friends, food, beer, and overall good times.  In the morning I ran my third half marathon.  It was the second time doing the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon and the weather was just as perfect as the first time I ran the race.  However, this year , its 10th, they decided to flip the course so that instead of hills in the middle they were at mile 11.  ugh!  But I still made it and met my time from last year.  One of these days I’ll beat my 2hr 20min barrier.  One of these days…

The real test, for me though, was the rest of the day.  After the first two half marathons I’ve done I’ve usually spent the rest of the day recuperating on the couch.  I decided to not do that yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day and I had been invited to head to Providence to watch a friend in the Cyclo-cross Festival.  Cyclo-cross is a type of bike race usually done in the autumn and winter and involves many laps of a short track featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass hills, and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount and carry the bike over and around the obstruction and remount.  It’s pretty incredible to watch.

I got some quick shots of K here on his bike.  He works for Independent Fabrication.  They make and design some really insane bikes.  K did the paint job on the bike he is riding here.  Quite nice.

The winner of the race was Tim Johnson, who is the current U.S champion.  He was pretty incredible to watch as he had a fairly substantial lead for most of the race.


So overall it was an awesome day for racing – the weather couldn’t have been any better.

On our way back to Boston, K made the very bright suggestion to head to Redbones for dinner in Davis Square.  Nothing completes an athletic day much better than cold beer and hot ribs.  Oh and fried pickles.

More pictures of the race and the food here.


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