I’m back!

Ok who is sick of reading about Facebook?  ha.  Well I promise this will be the last one, for now.  And I’ll make it quick.

For all of the reasons I discussed in a previous post, I decided to re-activate my account.  But with a few changes.

1) I deleted about 100 “friends”.  I figured if I hadn’t at least had some contact (whether it even just be through Facebook) with someone in the past year, I could remove them.

2) I changed it so that no one can write on my wall but me.  I’m  not sure if I’ll stick with this one but so far I like it.  And I’m trying to stick to a few limited subjects for what I put as status updates.  I’d like my wall to kind of be for pictures and links to interesting library and political stuff.  We shall see.

3) I now only get notifications from Facebook if I’m invited to an event or if I’m tagged in a picture.  I am hoping this will keep me off of it.

So far, I have hardly been on it.  I think my mind adjusted during my fast and just got used to not being on it.  And it’s been great so far to see some wonderful pictures of friends and family that I may have missed otherwise.  So far, so good.  🙂  Thanks for taking the journey with me!

Also as a completely other side note: for any library students who follow me, please please please check out hacklibschool for a really interesting and important (I think at least) project that a current library student has put together in collaboration with lots of library school students via Twitter and the web.  In short- it’s a kind of “What I wish they taught me in library school…but didn’t”.  Check it out!

And that reminds me, in case anyone was wondering, the Fall semester is going well.  I’m taking User Instruction and Collection Development and am really enjoying both.  Has been nice to get to some of the more “advanced” classes of the degree.  To be honest, between school, new job (which I’m still loving), and life, I haven’t even had a second to complain really all that much about school this semester.  Win!


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