Night of Funk

Last Friday night I went to an event I have long awaited, the Belgian Beer Festival’s Night of Funk.  It was in the Cyclorama in the South End.  Great location.  I went with my partner in food and drink crime, Kate.  The festival is a weekend-long affair but we decided to partake in Friday night’s festivities, mostly because the ticket included food.  The theme of Friday night was funk and as described by the brochure:

“They’re all ‘funky’ and by that we mean beers matured w/wild yeast and bacteria, blended, aged in oak, infused w/fruits or other things, and beyond.  Most of these beers are extremely limited or exclusive to the Night of Funk”

I do not think we were disappointed.  Here is what we drank:

  • Alagash Little Big Beer
  • Boston Beer Co Kosmic Mother Funk
  • Ommegang ZUUR
  • Brouwerij Oud Beersel Oude Geuze
  • Cambridge Brewing Co The Colonel
  • Captain Lawrence Brewing Co Barrel Select
  • Cisco Brewers Dark Woods
  • Great Divide Brewing Co Bretty Yeti
  • Haverhill Brewery Sour Rejuvenation
  • Latis Imports Boone Framboise
  • Lawson’s Finest Liquids Maple on Brett
  • The Lost Abbey Saint’s Devotion 2010
  • Wetten Importers St. Louse Framboise
  • Zero Gravity The One.

My favorite was definitely the Bretty Yeti from Great Divide.  I also have a soft spot for them as I visited their brewery this past Jan.

Phew.  Don’t worry, they weren’t full pints.  2oz or less.

And what we ate:

Mussels, hot pretzels with Belgian beer cheese, sausages in puff pastry, chicken croquettes, and hot waffles.

Oh and I can’t forget about the fire alarm in the middle of the affair.  It looked like it could really be a disaster for the event but after only about 10 minutes of waiting outside we were allowed back in and back at the beer and food.

A total WIN for the night.

Few pictures here.


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