The History Project

So many of you are probably thinking, “wasn’t Nicole supposed to be really busy this semester with school and work but it seems like, as always, all she’s been doing is eating and drinking?”  Well you’d be mostly correct.  🙂  But I have been busy with school and have been trying to stay connected even though I do not spend nearly as much time as campus as I did last year.  So I really try to get to student group events when I can.

Last night I took part in the Special Library Association – Student Chapter’s event at The History Project.  The History Project is volunteer-driven and was established in 1980 by a group of historians, activists and archivists.  It is the only group focused exclusively on preserving the history of Boston’s LGBT community, and on making that history accessible to future generations.

It is a really great archive and we were able to sit down with a former Simmons student who currently works with the archives and is one of the few part-time paid positions on staff.  He explained the history of the group along with what kinds of items they are currently working with, including an exhibit on queer woman in music.

These kinds of archives and special libraries are so wonderful to happen upon.  I was really happy I made the time to go to this event and I thank SLA for putting it on and for the tasty dinner afterward!  I’ll miss these kinds of things when I’m done with my program and will have to figure out a way to stay involved in some of the professional groups once I’m finished.


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