Sleepless in Seattle

Not really but I just couldn’t help myself.  So I spent the last week in Seattle with my friend Kate.  We had a fantastic time and I’m super impressed by how much we saw.  Also, by how much we ate.  We did pretty well in that category as well.  Oh and we even went to Canada for a day!  Impressive, right?  Finally, we both got to catch up with old friends which I think was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  Interested in a rundown of what we did?  Dying to know what we ate?  Read on my friend….

  • Tuesday – post landing
  • Wednesday
    • Started off with a run through Pike Place Market
    • Breakfast was at the hotel (included in our rate) which had granola, toast, waffles, coffee, tea
    • Then headed back towards the Pike Place Market to check out the offerings and see them toss fish at Pike Place Fish Market
    • Next up was the Seattle Central Library.  Incredible.  Just stunning.  And there were soooo many users there.
    • We headed back towards our hotel and onward to the Experience Music Project.  It’s a really cool interactive museum that currently had a Jimi Hendrix exhibit along with an exhibit on the history of music in Seattle.  There was also a Sound Area where you could go into sound booths and learn to play guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums, etc.  It was very cool and a lot of fun.  The project is located in a building designed by Frank Gehry.
    • To end our major day of sightseeing we coughed up the $18 entry to the Seattle Space Needle.  A silly amount of money but I felt like I couldn’t be in Seattle and not go up.  It was just starting to rain but we still had great views of the city.
    • Our long day was ended with an incredible meal at Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant.   We had : Gỏi cuốn bò xã lụi ~ Lemongrass beef rolls Salad roll with fresh herbs and ground beef marinated with lemongrass served with peanut sauce, Tôm me lụi ~ Tamarind prawns satay Shelled Pacific prawns marinated with onion, garlic, and seasoning served with tamarind fish sauce, Cà tím xào đậu hủ ~ ~ Purple eggplant spicy mint Asian eggplant stir-fried with tofu, garlic, shrimp paste, and spicy mint, Heo kho dừa khô ~ Braised savory coconut in browned pork 12 hour braised pork flank, coconut meat, caramelized with sugar and fish sauce with hand crushed black pepper.  Everything was fantastic and came out within about 10 minutes of us ordering.
  • Thursday
    • We took a ferry to Victoria, BC for the day!  It is almost 3 hours via ferry from Seattle to Victoria.
    • It was a kind of blah weather day when we arrived but we still were excited to be there and wonder the streets of the old city and check out lots of cute boutiques.
    • On the tip of a store owner we checked out Il Terrazzo for lunch.   This is obviously the hot place in town as we had to wait 40 min for lunch but it was worth it!  Kate had the Fisherman’s soup of prawns, clams, mussels, scallops,fresh fish, tomatoes, leek, artichokes, peppers, red onion, white wine, cilantro, fennel and chili flakes while I had the Seared scallops, mushrooms, smoked bacon,leeks, fresh lemon and cream.  Yum
    • We were pretty exhausted when we got back to Seattle that evening so it was just a quick sushi dinner.
  • Friday
    • I started the day with another run.  This time I ran along the water past the Olympic Sculpture Park.  It was wonderful to run past the water with the Olympics in the distance.  Fantastic.
    • My friend from High School, another Nicole (!), picked us up at our hotel and brought us on a tour of Seattle via car.
    • First up, Nettletown for lunch.  Great organic and locally sourced food.  We all had sandwiches on le fournil french bread with pickled veggies & herb salad.  I had fried tofu, Kate had bratwurst, and Nicole had lemongrass elk meatballs.  We also decided to split a peanut butter and bacon one.  Yup.  You read correctly.  It  I think the salt and sweet actually worked really well together.  Oh and we started with a cup of turnip and Chanterelle mushroom soup.
    • Nicole then drove us to the Sound so we could see the water and take some pictures.  It was a beautiful day so it was just perfect for this.
    • We then headed to Ballard and had some goodies with tea at Miro.  The goodies included a Nutella brioche.  Awesome.
    • Nicole dropped us off at the hotel and it was time for some much needed relaxation before heading to dinner.
    • Dinner was at one of Tom Douglas‘ restaurants – Serious Pies.   I had pizza with gorgonzola, roasted garlic, and butternut squash.  Perfection.
  • Saturday
    • Another run but this time in the other direction on the water down to Quest Field
    • Then it was off to the University or “U” District to check out the year-round farmer’s market.
    • Lunch was at El Puerco Lloron which took us ages to find but was absolutely worth it.  I had the carne asada while Kate had Rellenos de Queso.  We split chicken tamales that were out of this world.  Another good find.
    • The afternoon was spent avoiding the rain and somehow finding ourselves smack dab in the middle of Christmas shopping in Seattle but it was a fun time and we just lucky it was really the only time it rained during our trip!
    • Saturday we decided to try Lark for dinner.  My friend D., a chef and food lover, had told me it was one of the best meals he had ever had so I knew he was serious.  Kate’s friend J. joined us and offered to drive so we were off on what was to be an incredible culinary adventure.  D.  did not lie.  This was just an awesome meal.  From the restaurant itself to the cheese to the pork.  Awesome.  Here’s a rundown of what we had:
      • Dinah’s Cheese, Keen’s Cheddar, and Smokey Blue
      • Marcona almonds and marinated olives
      • Penn Cove mussels with bacon,apple, thyme, shallots and cream
      • Blue Grain Farms farro with squash, kale and hedgehog mushrooms
      • Crispy pork belly with Borlotti beans, Brussels sprouts and maple syrup
    • Hungry yet?  Yeah.  It was that good.

Ok so if you made it this far you are rewarded with pictures.  Including of all the food (although some did not come out exactly to my liking due to my hesitant to use a flash in restaurants).  Enjoy!


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