Date Night – Table for One

While living in London I found that, often, if I really wanted to take advantage of all that the city had to offer, I may have to do it on my own.  This is not to say at all that I didn’t make some amazing and very lasting friendships while in London.  But I think all friends can’t necessarily have the same exact interests or schedules.  I had always enjoyed going to movies by myself as a little way of getting away from it all.  And in London I added theatre to that list of “date night for myself” activities.  Not sure what list traveling by myself falls on but that’s probably for another post.

There is something really freeing about just buying one ticket to something.  Usually, it means you get pretty great choice of your seat and you are only responsible for yourself.  Pretty wonderful.  I must have seen almost 10-15 plays in London on my own.   So when I saw that the next NT Live presentation at The Coolidge Corner Theatre was Fela!, I knew I had to get a ticket, and that I would just be getting one for myself.

NT Live is the “best of British theatre broadcast live to cinemas around the world.”  It’s a really incredible idea.  They do all sorts of shows and thus far I have not been able to make one.  But tonight, on my date night for one, I went to see Fela!  It was incredible.  I mean it won a Tony for Choreography done by Bill T. Jones so you know you are in good hands!  Fela! is the story of Fela Kuti and his courage, his activism in Nigeria, and his music.

Was so great to take in some culture and be reminded that date nights for one can happen anywhere in the world.  🙂

I should mention, though, that I was very lucky to find a fantastic theatre partner in crime in London in my actress friend N.  We saw tons of shows together and I’m quite looking forward to us both finally being in the same country this weekend to watch the Golden Globes together.  We are obviously theatre and movie super dorks.

Where will your next date night for one be?


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