A hipster for the weekend…

This past weekend I managed to somehow make it down to NYC between 2 snow storms but not during.  Win!

It was a fantastically awesome weekend of catching up with friends and eating lots of good bites and sipping on tasty beverages.  I kind of failed on my picture taking this weekend so unfortunately there are not shots of everything I consumed but I”ll try to do a quick rundown of the various food stops.  Most were in Williamsburg in Brooklyn (hence my hipster title, get it? ha)

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee – coffee, duh (oh and a licorice/salty little piece of biscotti)
  2. Bedford Cheese Shop – had some incredibly stinky and awesome cheese
  3. Bozu – Japanese tapas
  4. Larry Lawrence Bar – whiskey and what seemed to be my iPod on the sound system
  5. Another bar for more whiskey.  Cannot remember name.  But is definitely the last place my credit card was seen….
  6. The Glasslands Gallery – soul dance party, obviously
  7. Brooklyn Lyceum – for more coffee come Sunday morning
  8. The Taco Truck – we know the owners, the food is amazing.  Enough said.  Why aren’t you on your way?
  9. And any weekend wouldn’t be complete without watching The Golden Globes of course!

All in all, I’d say there was some good food and exploration going on.  And of course a big thank you to my Brooklyn guides, Dave and Matt.



2 responses to “A hipster for the weekend…

  1. You missed Mast Brothers Chocolate and Radegast Beer Hall? Noooo!!!!

  2. #5 is called Iona. Such a fun visit! Radegast next time, it’s right next to Blue Bottle actually. We saw Mast Brothers chocolate in Bedford Cheese, that was the one with the really nice wrapping.

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