Hack Library School – It Begins

As some of you may know, I have started to collaborate with some amazing fellow library school colleagues to work on something called Hack Library School.  It is the brain child of Micah Vandergrift and he is now trying to get as many other students involved as possible.  The goal is collaboration.

Interested?  Want to find out more?  Check out the site today!

From the site:
The Web is our Campus.
This is an invitation to participate in the redefinitions of library school using the web as a collaborative space outside of any specific university or organization. Imagine standards and foundations of the profession that we will create, decided upon by us, outside of the institutional framework. Ideas like the democratization of the semantic web, crowdsourcing, and folksonomies allow projects like this to exist and we should be taking advantage of it. What will the information professions be next year if we define it for ourselves today? If we had a voice in the development of curriculum, what would that degree entail? This is our challenge to you; participate or come up with a better idea. How would you hack library school?

And PLEASE – if you are interested at all in the field, please please please comment, get involved, speak up!  We are all in this together!


2 responses to “Hack Library School – It Begins

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