A purpose for snow

With all the snow we’ve been getting in Brookline and all the talking and whining about the weather that has come along with it, it only seemed to make sense to actually take advantage of all of that white stuff and head north for some skiing.  So that’s exactly what I did, along with L. and J., for a weekend of skiing in Killington, VT.

Now I love skiing.  There is something about the mix of the cold, the snow, the nature, the activity, the challenge, that just puts a big smile on my face.  And our first day out on Saturday was no exception.  J. and I are very similar skill-wise and L.  was happy to wait for us and to take it easy.  I feel like, with skiing, there is no need to pressure yourself or to not have a good time.  So our first day was a definite success with about 4 hours spent on the mountain.  We were rewarded with a few beers afterwards.

Saturday night we decided to continue the reward by heading for a nice meal at The Garlic.  We were not disappointed.  Pictures of the meal and a few shots of the mountain here.  Sadly, we found out too late that Snoop Dogg was playing at the Pickle Barrel – tickets for both shows were sold out.  Super sad face.  Would have been nice to say I’d seen him twice.

Sunday we got an early start so that we could head back to Boston at a reasonable time and be able to stop by L.’s alma mater, Dartmouth as well as hit up her favorite college pizza spot, Ramunto’s.  Sunday was another successful day, but with visibility not the best.  After some confidence-boosting from L., I decided to join her down a particularly difficult looking black diamond.  It turned out to be all moguls and the snow making machine was blowing in my face the whole way down.  After about 3 falls I decided the only way I was going to make it down the trail was if I kind of slide down sideways on my skis.  It took ages and I may or may not have been tearing up the whole time.  But L. guided me down the whole way and in the end I made it without a total breakdown and without taking off my skis.  Success?  I’d say so!  As scary as it was I think it’s good to push ourselves sometimes, whether it’s mentally or physically.  What have you done recently that scared you but that you are better for doing?


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