Portland, ME

In the last month I had a bit of a whirlwind “romance”. [quotes are due to the fact that I’m still not sure of the best word for it]  It came into my life as quickly as it left.  

And while I’ve spent time recently purging and deleting and all that stuff that people do when they are hurt and confused and angry, I now realize, as I usually do, that we learn from everything that happens in our lives- good and bad.  There are lessons everywhere.  And we just grow, or not, and move on.  Such is life.

This “romance” also included a very random and impulsive trip to Portland.  And it would be very silly of me to pass on a chance to discuss the AMAZING food that was consumed while there and to choose to actively ignore an adventure in my life.  So here is a quick list of places you definitely should not miss should you have the chance to head north anytime soon.

A few more pictures of the gorgeous sunset here.


2 responses to “Portland, ME

  1. Looks at list. Furrows brow, slightly puzzled. He brought his dog with him, overnight, at the hotel?!! Confused (though I don’t want TMI) (and am just being nosey) 🙂


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